Agas-agas Bridge Midst the Rainforest...

Agas-agas (flowing loose soil) Bridge is the Philippine's highest bridge, it stands 92 meters and extends 350 linear meters. It is cradled by a rainforest and is an addition to the Province of Southern Leyte's tourism destinations. Philippine cinema's "Bad Boy" Robin Padilla last September 2009 visited the bridge and louded its majestic structure and facilities. He candidly commented that very soon it will become a favorite place for tourists who dares bungee jumping, downhill skateboarding, zipline rapelling and other extreme sports.

Saob Cave & the Cave Weavers

The Saob Cave of Barangay Basiao, Basey, Samar is the home of the weavers that popularized the natural mats made of tikog grass (Fimbristylis Milliacea) internationally. These cave mat weavers and the Saob cave have been featured several times in the national television networks that stired interests among local and foreign investors including tourists. The cave also housed an unknown tomb believed to be more than a century old and possibly owned by the first mat weaver in the place. The cave is 45 minutes drive from Tacloban City.

"I Shall Return..." Gen. Douglas MacArthur

On October 20, 1944, General Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his promise to return to the Philippines by setting foot to the shore of Palo, Leyte with his naval, marine and airborne forces that ended the cruelty of the Second World War. Today, his monument is now a famous landmark not only in the Philippines but to the entire Asia. The history that he made, now remains in the heart and mind of every Leyte├▒o.